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First note. SCOTLAND

 Hello everyone! I've brought this blog to the life having  ready idea. I wanted to show people places where I've been to through pictures (made by me) and short notes. I'm Polish girl, but I'm going to use only English language to express my feelings. It's all in order to improve my skills, of course. ^^ And...maybe I will be able meet someone new? Who knows.. ;D Future is the one big unknown. :)
So I will be glad if you find some mistakes in my notes and tell me about that. It will help me, really. So don't hesitate, ok?

So firstly- I will introduce you Scotland! I've got fresh memories from this journey, so I will do my best to write every interesting thing connected with the UK.

Ok, so let's start.


Not too big city, but the capital of Anglicanism- main religion in UK. I've seen the beautiful Cathedral (in perpendicular style) walked by crowded street. Some old woman gave me a flyer which contains strange information about religion. O.o I think it was Jehovah's Witnesses or something like that. I was surprised. But I threw it out eventually, so... But I promise- I had read it whole, really. xD Even if I'm agnostic. 

So here you are the photo of Cathedral in Canterbury.


I've fell in love with that city. <3 Especially when I saw the Christ Church... *.* I could feel the knowledge floating in the air. Something amazing, you can believe me. If i got a chance, I would study there with big pleasure. Below the picture of Christ Church. 


The most windy place I've even seen. To be honest, I don't want to come back there. I visited the Edinburgh Castle....and almost froze! >.< Believe me, I live in Poland, so I know coldness, but I couldn't stand this weather. Enjoy the photo of the Castle.


Crowded capital city of United Kingdom. It would be nice, but only when you're sightseeing in small group. If not, you can feel someone's fist in your stomach while listening: "Fuck you!". That wasn't nice experience. -_-
I've seen Buckingham Palace, Big Ben (only from afar), walked by Downing Street and so on. I was in London for 9 hours, but didn't visit everything. I wish I could see change of the guards, Tower Bridge and have some fun in London Eye. I really regret. But that's also an excuse to go there once again. xD 
Below the Big Ben with some tourists and red public phone. 


Glasgow and next beautiful Cathedral. ^^ What can I say more? Enjoy pictures. They're not in good quality, but they are. :P

And at least, for some variety, Hadrian's Wall!

Ok, that should be enough. I've got more photos of places I've seen in UK, but frankly speaking there is a really big mess with pictures on my computer. I have to sort them first. So maybe I'll publish more pictures of Scotland in next notes. I hope you enjoyed and had a good time while reading my scribbles. :P 

Bye bye!

PS. Can you imagine eating fast foods for 8 days? Yeah, that's possible- only in stations with fluel. xD 

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