sobota, 26 kwietnia 2014


 Hey guys!
So...Today I've been to Japanese restaurat with my best friend, Paulina. But before tasting the ramen we had to experience few unpleasant incidents...

We thought we would get to Katowice by tramway, 40th exactly. So I bought tickets and voilà- we were on the road to Katowice.
 First expression- not that bad. But when I saw the controllers...I was a little bit surpised. xD They caught a woman behind me- she didn't have a ticket, how sad...I didn't even notice that she was sleeping next to me. In front of  me was Paulina and in front of her there was sitting a strange man- I guess he was a husband of this woman. The controllers have known her, funny situation- it wasn't her first time. :P They asked them to leave the tram. And they did it, of course, but before that there was a quite interesting conversation between the couple and controllers. :3
Finally we got to Katowice and walked on our feet to Gallery. And...we had been looking for Sushi-Do for about 1 hour. In the end it turned out that this restaurant was outside. -_- A lot of time walking, checking the maps  and considering on which floor it would be for nothing. Happily I asked the stuff of some shop where Sushi-Do is and we would be able to eat our second dinner (hey, Paula, remember the shish kebabs?). You can see our prizes below.

Yummy ramen... :3

...and sushi. ^^

We had a lot of fun with eating by sticks and asking stuff for what is this. :P But thanks god, there was a really nice woman who told us everything patiently. Thank you very much! <3
I hope we will go there once again- I must taste mochi *.*

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