niedziela, 1 czerwca 2014

Sushi again

How long haven't I written...? Over one month?..
Nevermind, it's not worth to think about that now.

I don't know what should I write here, because there happend so many things that I can't even recall them all at the moment.

I went to Tarnowskie Góry with my parents and Paulina today. When I've heard about the Matsuri Festival which took place 01.06, I thought: My boy, that's great idea to spend time at the weekend! So I packed everyone up to the car and bon voyage!
What have I learned from this trip? For sure- how to wear kimono. I also sang "Toxic" by Britney Spears (English song while Japanese festival, lol), bought manga "The Innocent" and of course, ate sushi.

How you can see- amazing facial expression... Paulina in the background. Sushi is I don't remember clearly.

My lovely green tea. This time it was Japanese Temple. And (the 1/4's) Paulina in the background once again.

 Some tomfoolery...:P

On Friday I went to Japanese restaurant in Katowice. I've finally tasted mochi. :3 But it turned out it's too sweet for me, so I ate only 2...balls? Insted of the rest I sucked  mother's ramen. ^^

Greetings from sushi locals!

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